Danny the Champion of the World Themes

Danny the Champion of the World Themes

Social status

Danny and his father are from humble background as Dahl states their living accommodations were “an old gipsy caravan behind a filling-station.” Despite all this, Danny is a happy child who feels that he is not missing out on the way the wealthy live. Indeed, he and his father plot to prank the wealthy Mr Hazell for no other reason than to have a laugh – thus suggesting that social status and financial wealth do not matter to them at all.


Though much of the book is about the adventures that Danny and his father go on to have there is a deeper underlying message conveyed. Danny has a unique childhood in that he assumes the role of an adult more than a child. The activities he dos with his father, though met with playful energy of that as a child, are not typical activities that a child would do. Danny is a lot more mature for his age than most other children his age, and therefore this has an impact on the childhood he has.

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