Danny the Champion of the World Summary

Danny the Champion of the World Summary

When Danny was only four months old, Danny's mother died from something unspecified. That left Danny in the care of his father, William, who lives with Danny in a caravan behind his gas station and garage. William is a good and kind and creative man who spends much of his time with Danny while he is not poaching, something which he loves and does quite frequently.

But after William doesn't come home one day after a day of poaching, Danny begins to get worried and goes to find him. When he does, he is startled to learn that his father has brutally injured himself. Danny helps his father home and he recuperates.

In the meantime, Danny and William remember that Mr. Hazell's annual pheasant shoot is quickly coming up. To humiliate Mr. Hazell, the two decide to capture all of the pheasants in the forest. Mayhem and craziness ensues and the two start to terrorize Mr. Hazell and his property with the now unruly pheasants. In fact, the two destroy Mr. Hazell's prized Rolls-Royce with the pheasants.

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