Danny the Champion of the World Background

Danny the Champion of the World Background

In Danny the Champion of the World, one of Roald Dahl's countless children's books, Dahl tells the story of the eponymous Danny, who lives with his father in a caravan behind their gas station and garage. Danny, who is still dealing with the death of his mother, still has his father, who is a hard-working and kind and imaginative man who spends much of his time telling stories with and spending time with Danny. But Danny's father is holding a secret, a secret which inspires Danny to go on a fantastical journey.

When it was released, Danny the Champion of the World received mostly positive reviews. Kirkus Reviews, for example, called the book "amusing" and "ingenious." A kid's reviewer for The Guardian also "loved" the book and wrote that "This book is fantastic and really details the characters and their feelings. I think that the book is full of love and feelings. The description is so strong that you don’t even need to look at images! The humour is spread across the pages of the book."

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