Danny the Champion of the World Metaphors and Similes

Danny the Champion of the World Metaphors and Similes


The story of the bullfrog is a metaphor for Danny’s father’s love from him, and perhaps, for his mother. He states the bullfrog burps to call over his wife so that he can hug her, and then follows it up with 'We men are not so very different from the bullfrog.”

Danny’s father

Danny’s father is a metaphor for the advanced role of single parents. Danny remarks it was “not an easy task for a man” to look after his child as this was not the social norm. The very progressive nature of his parenting is what endears the reader to Danny's father.


The pheasants are a metaphor for the animal cruelty faced by animals. These pheasants are drugged by Danny and his father - as a result, some end up dying. All of this was done as a prank to get one over Mr. Hazell. This suggests that humans do not value the existence of animals beyond their own means.

Mr. Hazell

Mr. Hazell is described as being a very self-important and uppity man. He is wealthy and of good social standing, which puts him in a direct contrast to Danny and his father. This difference in stature is what leads to the conflict between the two.

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