Danny the Champion of the World Literary Elements

Danny the Champion of the World Literary Elements


Adventure, children's story

Setting and Context

England, 1975

Narrator and Point of View

Danny is the narrator

Tone and Mood

Light-hearted, comedy

Protagonist and Antagonist

Danny is the protagonist, Mr Hazell is the antagonist

Major Conflict

Danny and his father stealing the pheasants to disrupt the hunting competition


The pheasants are taken by Danny and his father and they go on to discuss poaching trouts instead


Danny foreshadows meeting a fake person like Mr Hazell when he states "when someone smiles at you but his eyes stay the same. It's sure to be a phony.”


Danny and his father's harmless prank takes a turn for the worse when six of the pheasants die from overdose.


Refernces to the social elite are made through the distinction of Mr Hazell to Danny and his father.


Danny and his father are potrayed as being harmless torublemakers. Mr Hazell is potrayed as being a strict, conservative man.


The relationship between Mr Hazell and Danny and is father is at a paradox because the two are so different .


There is a parellism between Danny and his father when his father states 'We men are not so very different from the bullfrog.” This suggests both are loving people.

Metonymy and Synecdoche



The caravan is a personification for Irish Gypsies.

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