Fundamentals of Physics Extended (10th Edition)

Published by Wiley
ISBN 10: 1-11823-072-8
ISBN 13: 978-1-11823-072-5

Chapter 7 - Kinetic Energy and Work - Problems - Page 172: 21a


Work done by cord's force $=\frac{-3Mgd}{4}$

Work Step by Step

Let the cord's force be F. Block's acceleration $=\frac{g}{4}$ Net force = $Ma=M\frac{g}{4}$ Block is going down so, weight($Mg$) is greater. Therefore; $Mg-F = M\frac{g}{4}$ $F = \frac{-3Mg}{4}$ Substituting the formula of $F$ above in $W=Fd$ and simplifying: $W=Fd=\frac{-3Mg}{4}\times d =\frac{-3Mgd}{4}$
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