Zlateh the Goat Summary

Zlateh the Goat Summary

The story takes place in an unnamed place and unknown time where a furrier named Reuven decides to sell the family goat Zlateh because he had a bad year business-wise and they needed the money. He then decides to send his son Aaron to Feyvel with Zlateh and then return the next day with the money.

The boy leaves with the goat but on the road to the village where he was supposed to sell the goat, they were caught in a blizzard and forced to stop. They were lucky enough to find a haystack covered in snow and Aaron and Zlateh found shelter there.

They remained in the haystack hiding for three days until the blizzard stopped and Aaron survived by drinking Zlateh’s milk. At the end of the third day, Aaron got out and headed home.

His family thought that he died so they rejoiced in finding that their son was still alive. When they found that Zlateh was responsible for saving Aaron’s life, they decided not to sell her and they became even more attached to the goat and she became almost like a member of the family.

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