Zlateh the Goat Irony

Zlateh the Goat Irony

Escape from death

At the first place Zlateh was taken to the town to be sold to a butcher, which does not predict anything good. An ordinary storm began, and it was so severe they surely there were big chances it might have killed both Aaron and Zlateh. But they had found a shelter, and were saved. It is ironic that such a mighty blizzard instead of killing Zlateh has actually saved her life for being taken to the butcher’s. And for Aaron survival was dependent on Zlateh, she provided him with food, with warmth and company. Even though she just listened to Aaron’s stories, it had an important role to have somebody to talk to, and he was sure she totally understood him. The change in weather became a survival for both Aaron and Zlateh

Zlateh’s milk

The reason the family decided to sell Zlateh was that they needed money for Hanukkah celebrations, and another reason was that she gave a little milk. Ironic is that it was her milk that saved Aaron from starvation during those three days they had spent in the haystack.

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