Zlateh the Goat Characters

Zlateh the Goat Character List


He is the young boy Reuven sent with the goat to sell it. He is twelve years old but he is considered mature enough to go and make transactions on the behalf of his family. Despite his young age, he is able to find shelter for himself and for the goat when the weather turns for the worst. He is attached to the goat and after the three days he spends with her, he decides to not let his parents sell it.


She a goat owned by a family in a small village. She is quite old and the family that owns her decides to sell her when they have financial problems.


A furrier in an unnamed village who decides to sell Zlateh. He is a husband and has three children so he is concerned with what he was going to feed his family during the winter time so he took the hard decision to sell the old family goat.


The town butcher who offered to buy Zlateh.


She is Aaron’s mother and Reuven’s wife.

Anna and Miriam

Aaron’s younger sisters.

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