Zlateh the Goat Imagery

Zlateh the Goat Imagery

Cold and numb

The author gives a very vivid description of how weather changed. Within few hours it turns from the sun shining into snowing. The growth of the storm happened really quickly, “the snow grew thicker, falling to the ground in large, whirling flakes.” And then it turned into “a mighty blizzard.” This change of weather is very important for the plot, it reminds that everything cannot be the way one expects and can change any minute. Life is really unpredictable. It is difficult to imagine such a sudden and rapid change, but it really happens.

Sinister howling

Along with visual imagery the one that appeals to hearing is also provided in the context: “the snow continued to fall and the wind wailed, first with one voice and then with many. Sometimes it had a sound of devilish laughter.” This helps the reader to better visualize all the awfulness and danger Aaron and Zlateh are trapped in. And those sinister sounds add even some supernatural tone to the mood of the story.

Zlateh and Aaron in the storm

The storm was really a harsh one and the author describes how “icicles hung from her [Zlateh's] white beard, and her horns were glazed with frost.” We can imagine this poor creature and Aaron himself: “his hands were numb, and he could no longer feel his toes. He chocked when he breathed.” They were very near to being frozen to death, as cold it very tricky and being out in such weather is dangerous. With this imagery the author provokes suspense, and it keeps readers in a state of anxious curiosity of what would happen next.

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