Zlateh the Goat

Zlateh the Goat Metaphors and Similes

Darkness as Dusk (Simile)

The narrator's descriptions of the mighty blizzard employ the use of simile in several occasions. The sky, for example, “became dark as dusk."

Wind as Ice (Simile)

The fierce storm is brought on by "wind...as cold as ice.”

Moon in the Sea (Simile)

When the storm is over and Aaron pokes his head out of his shelter, the whole world is peaceful and still. The narrator describes the luminescence of the moon using a simile, noting that "the moon swam in the sky as in a sea."

Nose as Wood (Simile)

As Aaron and Zlateh face the sudden storm, the cold threatens their bodies with the prospect of freezing. Indeed, the narrator describes how Aaron became numb with cold, and his "nose felt like wood."

The Wind and Snow (Simile)

As the storm picks up, the narrator describes the wind swirling the snow around on the ground, "as if white imps were playing tag on the fields."