Zlateh the Goat Metaphors and Similes

Zlateh the Goat Metaphors and Similes

Zlateh’s rebellion (Metaphor)

From the very start Zlateh did not show any disobedience for being taken away, but when the snow turned into a strong storm she began showing some resistance: “stubbornly she anchored her cleft hooves in the earth and bleated as if pleading to be taken home.” Zlateh was used to trust human beings as they never harm her and always provided with food and shelter, but now with her animal instincts she felt something malicious was about to happen.

Evil-minded cloud (Metaphor)

Sunny and warm weather has suddenly turned into a storm, and it all started with “a large black cloud with a bluish center” that “appeared in the east and spread itself rapidly over the sky.” This one cloud, which managed to turn onto a mighty and dangerous blizzard, represent those, one may say little and not wee thought-out things (like selling a goat which had been living with a family for 12 years) can lead to disastrous consequences.

Storm (Simile)

To fully convey the image of storm author often turns to simile devices: “It became dark as dusk. The snow was so dense it shut out the light of the day. The wind became as cold as ice.” These comparison bring an image of dense darkness, and darkness always means something bad and unknown.

Freezing Aaron (Simile)

Anyone who would find oneself out in such a storm experiences dreadful cold, and Aaron was not an exception: “the cold soon penetrated his quilted jacket”, “his nose felt like wood, and he rubbed it with snow”. it reminds that there are things that people are hopeless against, and cold is one of them.

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