Zlateh the Goat Literary Elements

Zlateh the Goat Literary Elements


Short story

Setting and Context

An unknown Jewish village in Poland. Hanukkah celebrations were about to start, so the actions took place in winter.

Narrator and Point of View

Third person narrative

Tone and Mood

From the beginning the tone and mood are sad, as the family has no money for Hanukkah and therefore decided to sell their goat. Then tone became very suspense, Aaron and Zlateh (the goat) had been trapped during a severe storm, and would have even died. But they survived, and mood of the story becomes cheerful till the end. The family happily celebrated Hanukkah and Zlateh stayed with them.

Protagonist and Antagonist

Aaron and Zlateh are protagonists, antagonist is blizzard.

Major Conflict

The conflict stands in the struggle between Aaron and Zlateh against mighty blizzard.


Climax happens when the storm turns into a mighty blizzard, and Aaron Zlateh would have frozen, but they had found a haystack and suspense somehow began to decrease


Bad weather, strong snowing and winding would not predict any good, it foreshadows something bad to happen.




Hanukkah celebrations are mentioned in the context


Imagery is rather richly used when weather is described


Paradox stands in the fact that one of the reason Zlateh was to be sold was that she gave little milk, but it was her milk that saved Aaron from starvation


Parallelism of warm and cold weather is seen in the story, when being trapped in that haystack with a mighty storm ruling outside Aaron is dreaming of summer with blooming flowers and trees

Metonymy and Synecdoche



Adding the inanimate objects some characteristics of animate ones, the author gives the story poetic atmosphere and embellish the text with additional meanings: “the wind whistled, howled, whirled the snow about in eddies. It looked as if white imps were playing tag on the fields.”, “The moon swam in the sky as in a sea”.

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