Zlateh the Goat Background

Zlateh the Goat Background

Zlateh the Goat” is a short story written by Isaac Bashevis Singer in 1966. He was a Polish-American writer, and wrote most for all for children. The story was included in his short stories collection “Zlateh the Goat and other stories”. The collection included seven more stories. “Zlateh the Goat” is the only one in the collection that lacks mystical elements, and is considered as a realistic story, though based on folklore tales embedding religious and moral lessons within it. His stories won him the Nobel Prize in literature in 1978.

All his stories are written in Yiddish language and have been translated into English by Singer himself and Elizabeth Shub.

Zlateh the Goat takes place around Hanukkah, a Jewish Religious Festival and tells about a bond between a boy and a goat, who during a severe blizzard had found comfort and survival in each other, and became the best friends.

The story has been adopted as a short film of the same name on 1973 by Weston Woods Studios.

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