Wild Themes

Wild Themes


Traveling has a special meaning for each person: someone travels to broaden horizons about the whole world, someone travels to find new friends and someone just does it to relax. Cheryl begins her journey in order to be alone. She does not travel to say “I’m not afraid”, she travels in order to outplay this fear. Cheryl does it to get rid of her whole terrible past. She will not be able to achieve this aim, if traveling with somebody else. This journey gives her hope and thought about that her life is beautiful. Her journey miraculously heals her and changes her mind about life.


Solitude helps to solve problems and gain peace of mind. Loneliness always seems for Cheryl Strayed to be the most suitable place for her. Solitude is not as a state, but a place or a room, where the girl can retreat to be who she really is. The radical appearance of the hike alters this sense. When Cheryl starts her hike, loneliness is not a room anymore, it is the whole wide world and she is alone in this world, living there in a way she never has lived before. Loneliness gives her an opportunity to look at life differently and realize the value of every day.

Mother and daughter

A mother is often the dearest person in one's life, and it is so unfairly, relentlessly and awful that Cheryl’s mother is taken from her. Cheryl and Barbara are like best friends, they always tell jokes each other and share their secrets. Cheryl tries to take care of her mother with all her heart and soul, while her brother shows his indifference. When Cheryl finds out about Barbara’s cancer, she is very worried about her and helps her to be stronger. The illness of Barbara makes their relationship stronger, but then it severs them. Cheryl wants to take fully mother’s back into her arms again. Barbara’s death obliterates Cheryl and Cheryl’s life ends. Barbara was Cheryl’s mother, but now Cheryl is motherless. Their strong and maternal relation is broken. Cheryl’s sense of life is gone.


When Cheryl refuses her sincere love, she begins to lose everything. She loses her joy and esteem, control over her actions and the good future. Paul is a person, who can change Cheryl for the better. Love inspires Cheryl and she feels like an angel. But when she betrays love, she becomes a fallen angel. After a divorce from her husband, she tries to find her happiness with other men again, but it seems that she will never find that beautiful feeling, which she experiences with Paul. Love is her last chance to be better that she is, but Cheryl misses this chance.

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