Wild Metaphors and Similes

Wild Metaphors and Similes

Hole (Metaphor)

Sufferings and problems slowly accumulate in Cheryl’s soul. Her mother's death, divorce, drug addiction, and abortion gradually gather in a huge hole. She is still a woman with a hole in her heart. The hole is a metaphorical meaning of the mental pain, which Cheryl Stayed feels, and this pain destroys her self-esteem and courage. Nevertheless, during travel, this hole begins to decrease and pain disappears with the lapse of time. The main character is able to get rid of the this hole, which greatly excruciates her until it is gone.

Sex (Metaphor)

When Cheryl cheats on her husband at the first time, she feels guilty for her dirty deed; however, she does not stop. She continues to betray her husband Paul and it destroys her. Paul also meets with a whole string of women, but Cheryl suddenly becomes chaste. Now, when sex has broken her marriage, Cheryl thinks about it in the last place. For Cheryl, sex is a metaphor for the destruction of a family and she pays dearly for her betrayal.

A trap for the senses (Simile)

Each day, problems destroy Cheryl; each day she suffers from pain: “Each day she feels as if she is looking up from the bottom of a deep well.” This comparison with a deep well means that Cheryl is alone with her problems, she desperately tries to scream for help, but nobody can hear her, because she is stuck in her lies and problems.

A flower devoid of life (Simile)

Cheryl “feels herself disintegrating inside herself like a past bloom flower in the wind.” Each of her emotions is disappearing like each petal of the beautiful flower is withering. Cheryl feels that she is breaking up and disappearing, because all her pain is tormenting her, as the hot sun is tormenting and burning the flower.

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