Wild Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Wild Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Books (Symbol)

During the journey, the main character Cheryl often reads books, which have a particular importance for her. She also likes to read books during her usual life before the route, but the fiction begins to be even more important on the trail. Books are a different world, where Cheryl can get lost and find her peace and coziness. When her world becomes too lonely, rude or unbearable, she opens the book and as if forgets about all negative things. The book is a symbol of the inner peace, which Cheryl tries to achieve.

Backpack (Symbol)

The backpack, which Cheryl drags during her hike, is very heavy and uncomfortable. She even gives her backpack its own name – Monster. Cheryl is amazed by the fact that everything necessary for survival can be carried on the back. In addition, the most amazing thing is that Cheryl can carry it. She can endure, what seems unbearable. This awareness cannot help her physically, but it reinforces emotionally. This backpack symbolizes not a physical load, but an emotional one, which helps the main character to be stronger and not give up.

Psychology, Inner world (Motif)

Cheryl Strayed cannot find herself and she does not know what to believe in. She even cannot say specifically what the word “faith” means and who she is. Cheryl could choose to be a skeptic or a person who loves life. She wants to find inner peace, where she will feel comfortable. This book has a psychology of the world, where you can find happiness. It is good that Cheryl still found her place in life, judging from the epilogue. However, she has not changed. Cheryl has been psychologically healed from pain, which persecuted her. Her temper and attitude towards people have changed a little bit, but attitude towards herself has changed completely.

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