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Cheryl Strayed

Cheryl is a narrator and main character of the book. She travels the Pacific Crest Trail, because it is very important for her to be alone and come to the understanding of herself. She has an extremely difficult life: after the divorce from and the death of her mother, she breaks down and her whole life turns into hell. At first, it may seem that she is a dumb and narcissistic girl, who betrays her husband; however it is not true. Life breaks Cheryl’s fate after mother’s death, but the girl decides to save her existence with the help of the camping trip. Her strong spirit helps her to live through all bad moments. Cheryl realizes that she needs to live on. She realizes that there is nothing more important than life.

Barbara (Bobbi)

Barbara is Cheryl’s mother, who dies of lung cancer. She has a very important role for her daughter both before and after her death. Barbara is a very sincere and cheerful woman and despite her illness, she continues to live and enjoy every day of her life. After her death her daughter suffers from the loss, however, Barbara teaches herto respect life and all those things, which she has.


Paul is Cheryl’s ex-husband. According to the book, he is a very good and kind person, who cares about Cheryl even after their divorce. During their marriage, he forgives Cheryl all her insults and betrayals, because his love is stronger than negative emotions and resentments. He tries to save Cheryl from drug addiction in every possible way. Nevertheless, Cheryl parts with Paul, but they remain very good friends.


Eddie is Barbara’s husband and Cheryl’s stepfather. He is very fond of Barbara, that’s why he lovingly treats her children. Eddie is even very solicitous during Barbara’s illness and does not leave her alone with her problem. But after death of his wife, his care disappears somewhere together with his kindness. Eddie abandons Cheryl and other children of Barbara as it appears his love is not eternal.


Joe is Cheryl’s lover, who is a secondary antagonist. They live together in Portland for a while. He is a drug addicted person and thanks to him Cheryl also begins to be addicted. Cheryl gets pregnant from Joe, but he forces her to have an abortion. This man almost destroys Cheryl’s life.


Lisa is Cheryl’s best friend in Portland. Despite all Cheryl’s problems, Lisa tries to support and help Cheryl. She also sends parcels and letters for Cheryl during her hike and tries to maintain a friendly relationship with her.


Leif is Cheryl’s brother. He is very selfish and never spares his mother, but after Barbara’s death Cheryl and Leif begin to support and take care of each other. He perfectly understands that it is necessary to protect those to whom you are close.

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