Wild Quotes


“If your Nerve deny you – go above your Nerve.”


The strength of spirit is one of the main qualities which makes Cheryl strong not physically, but morally. The strength of spirit consists of self-confidence, purposefulness, perseverance, steadfastness, inflexibility, and faith in the best. The force of spirit makes Cheryl Strayed find a way out of the predicament, look into the future with optimism, overcome life's adversity. She never gives up, because her spirit never betrays her. Cheryl feels that she will be able to change her attitude to life, because confidence helps her to destroy all troubles, which make her to be weak. Cheryl does not trust her feelings. She trusts only her courage.

“Fear begets fear. Power begets power.”


Fear gives rise to uncertainty and uncertainty generates fear. This is a vicious circle, through which the main character of this book walks her whole life before the hike. Everything depends on how Cheryl is able to overcome her fears by her own intelligence and strength of will, thereby creating confidence. She perfectly understands that fear will destroy her, if she does not find the strength to struggle with her own fear. If she is afraid of wild animals, snakes or even changes, which she wants more than anything else is, she will not be able to gain power. She will need power in the future to be brave and happy.

“Never never never give up.”


Defeat is only a temporary condition. However, if you give up, you will make this state permanent. Cheryl is on the road to failure. There is a feeling that she always wants to give up and turn from her path. Then she realizes that she will not achieve peace and balance in her life, if she stops her journey. As it turns out, she does not give up. She is a person with a strong character and willpower. She achieves superiority.

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