Wild Irony

Wild Irony

Regret about the deed

As we know, Cheryl betrays her husband Paul, having sex with other men. Later she regrets her actions and cannot forget her beloved Paul. Even during their divorce, “the other lines give Cheryl pause, the endless lines demanding signatures that will dissolve their marriage.” The irony is that Cheryl has destroyed her happiness herself, but after some time she feels so sorry about her act.

Too many contraceptives

During the trip, Cheryl puts a whole pack of condoms in her backpack. Having commented that the PCT is one of the lesser-hiked trails in the US, this seems a strange thing to pack. She even will not meet enough men to use one for each. However, when “Cheryl does actually need one, she is too embarrassed of her scabs to even consider using it.” The irony is because Cheryl has a whole pack of condoms, but she hesitates to use it.

Readiness for defeat

“Each of backpacks of tourists, whom Cheryl meets on her way, is about half the size of mine.” Cheryl's backpack is too heavy to carry it on the back, occasionally, Cheryl is ready to give up and finish her hike. The ironical moment is that Cheryl wants to change herself with the help of the journey, but she claims that she is tired of her backpack and ready to finish her hike.

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