The City of Ember Themes

The City of Ember Themes

Survival, apocalypse

The action takes place in the city of Ember on the background of the apocalypse. Humanity is on the verge of extinction. Electricity is working poorly, food supplies are running out, and residents are doing everything to survive. How it is terrible to know that you will not be able to live to the old age! Every resident shows his real self. Someone turns out to be a greedy person. Someone does not lose hope that everything will be fine. However, how can everything be fine if none of the residents is trying to improve the state of the city? All people live on the principle of “not in my backyard”. Every man for himself – this is the apocalypse.

Family, friends, love

Still, in the city there are people, who are not indifferent to the lives of other people. If you think that there is not a shred of love in the city of Ember then you are mistaken. Thanks to Lina and Doon, among this chaos and greed there is a family idyll, friendly support, certain happiness and mutual help. The author shows that you can overcome all obstacles and achieve happiness with the help of love, friendship and support. Lina and Doon help each other and also take care of their families. The main thing is not to remain indifferent to everything.


The main message of the author of the novel is always to stay a human. Despite the fact that Lina and Doon are still children, they have humanity. They do not forget about the other inhabitants of Ember and try to inform them about the way out and the fact that there is life on the Earth. A person, who loses humanity and becomes indifferent to the people, is Mayor Cole. By the way, he is also greedy, because he hides food stocks. Here the author teaches the reader not to lose humanity and always find a way out of complicated situations, helping others.

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