The City of Ember Irony

The City of Ember Irony

A false promise

Mayor Cole strongly supports the city with his phrases “in these difficult times, the main thing is to stick together”, “do not panic”, “we are already taking measures to solve this problem.” However, the irony is that he does not do anything to save the citizens and the city of Ember. He shows only an active interest in his own rescue.

“Prosperity” of Ember

When each student chooses his future profession, Mayor Cole claims that everyone should be happy to work for the benefit of the native city. He says that “Ember will continue to flourish, if all its citizens will ... try ... as much as they can!” This is ironic, because in this situation the city does not flourish, but on the contrary – it collapses.

Human degradation

None of the workers in the city have any useful qualifications, despite the fact that initially the best engineers, gardeners, and others were sent there. “In the city there is no one, who has sufficient knowledge to work with the generator. There are no researchers, scientists and just smart people.” This is ironic, because the Builders did not think about this moment, taking into account the fact that this underground city is the last hope of the whole of mankind.

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