The City of Ember Metaphors and Similes

The City of Ember Metaphors and Similes

A black worm (metaphor)

When Lina thinks that the city of Ember can be left without light bulbs, somewhere inside her, “a black worm of dread stirs.” The black worm is a metaphor of fear. Lina is afraid that the city of Ember can remain without light and it will be in darkness. Her fear eats her up from the inside.

Prisoner of Ember (simile)

When Lina sees the beautiful land, the colorful sunset and the blue sky, she is impressed. Lina feels “as though a lid that has been on her all her life is lifted off.” This simile makes it clear how Lina feels now – she is free and happy.

Fiery Lizzie (simile)

Lizzie, who is Lina’s friend, has a very interesting appearance. She looks “like her head is on fire.” Lina always tells her this, but Lizzie is not offended. This comparison makes it clear that Lizzie has curly, fluffy, and red hair.

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