The City of Ember Quotes


“The city of Ember was made for us long ago by the Builders. It is the only light in the dark world. Beyond Ember, the darkness goes on forever in all directions.”


People think that Ember is their salvation and protection from the outside world. They think that this city is a ray of light that highlights their path. But in reality, this is a city where no one knows what birds and grass are, what stars and rain are. This is a city, where nobody has ever tasted fruit, ice cream and whatnot. This is a world, where lights turn off at 10 o’clock, which give a single source of light, and then people stay in the dark. The inhabitants of Ember do not know that the bright sun, candles, matches, lanterns and any other sources of light exist in the world. Actually, Ember is only darkness that devours the future of people and does not give them hope that one day this city will become a light.

“How could anyone have allowed such a place to be harmed?”


The state of the environment depends primarily on humanity. If people live and do not care about the nature, their life will become a hell on the earth. If people protect every tree and river, then life will become a paradise. Lina and Doon are shocked, when they find a way out of Ember and see the land and its beautiful landscapes. They enjoy every moment, every ray of sunshine and clean air. They do not believe that once there was a catastrophe and everything was destroyed. They do not want to believe in it, because the land turns out to be so beautiful that it is hard to imagine how people destroy it. There is no need to be indifferent to the nature and its inhabitants, because it is such a happiness to see its bright colors.

“She was more comfortable with plants than with people.”

Lina’s father

Sometimes in order to understand people and find a common interest with them you need to be a psychologist. There is a type of people with whom you are comfortable to communicate. But there are also such people with whom after communication there is an unpleasant after-taste and you do not want to talk to them anymore. Clary Lane is Lina’s close friend and a greenhouse worker. She is very strong and very shy – such people usually know much, but talk too little. Clary likes to spend time with plants, because they cannot be stubborn, mean and arrogant. Plants cannot leave you during difficult times. It is easier to find a common interest with them. They will always be grateful to the person for the endless care and love.

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