The City of Ember Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

The City of Ember Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Box with instructions (symbol)

The box, which was created by the Builders of the city of Ember and had instructions that will help inhabitants get out of the city and reach the Earth’s surface, is lost. However, the main character, Lina, accidentally finds the box in her house. She solves all the puzzles with her friend Doon and discovers a new world. This box with instructions symbolizes a new life.

Message (symbol)

Having reached the ground and having met the first dawn, the guys decide to send a message to the city of Ember. They tie the letter to the stone and throw it down into Ember. Lina and Doon hope that someone will find the letter and learn about the Earth that is safe for life. The message symbolizes the salvation of mankind.

Memory of the past (motif)

The past time and the history of the city of Ember are very strongly connected with the present. If the Builders did not build the city, the whole of mankind would disappear. If the Builders did not create the box with instructions, Lina and Doon would not find the way out. If the box was not lost, then the people would not struggle with poverty and deception. All things are interconnected and everything depends on the past. The past makes history.

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