The City of Ember

The City of Ember Analysis

The City of Ember” is an unpretentious novel in the genre of post-apocalypse. The book does not belong to young adult literature, but it soothes the reader’s soul, after which everyone wants to sort the garbage, save energy, and (it is to be hoped) not read in the news about another natural cataclysm, which is the result of human greed and thoughtlessness.

The action takes place in a city deep underground. About 200 years ago, inhabitants appeared in the city of Ember. The city was founded by the Builders, who left the huge food supply, instructions for almost all occasions and disappeared. However, no matter how many stocks are in the city, eventually they will end as well as the city communications. The city is on the verge of collapse, and two teenagers Lina and Doon decide to save Ember, partly because all books must have their protagonists and heroes.

The main characters Lina Mayfleet and Doon Harrow, demonstrate through their own example that only having passed the long, exhausting and difficult trials, one can recognize himself.. They are so different, but together they make up a coherent and powerful mechanism. Ingenuity and curiosity, fortitude and purity of mind, love for the world and desire to know it help Lina and Doon to do great things. This book teaches to take care of what one has, to value loved ones, whose lives are vulnerable, to believe and hope for a bright future, because you build it yourself. The author wants us to explore the world and then we will find happiness!

Certain analogies with contemporary world events could be found in the novel, and the author’s message is that a lesson from this must be learned. The book teaches the reader to fight for their freedom, for their right, for survival and clearly says – it is enough a ray of light, even if you are lost, even if you are in darkness. The novel combines adventures and kindness. In this book, there is neither excessive cruelty, nor rivers of blood, which are specific to modern fiction.

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