Pippi Longstocking Themes

Pippi Longstocking Themes

Spirit of Adventure

Pippi has the most incredible spirit of adventure and does not seem to meet a situation that she does not feel master of. Even everyday occasions and errands are turned into adventures; finding random odds and ends is given the grand Name of Thing Finding which automatically makes it sound adventurous; Pippi manages to turn grocery shopping into an adventure by going into town on her horse.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Pippi clearly has a short attention span and each of her everyday adventures illustrates this. She cannot concentrate well and has a butterfly mind that makes her want School to be far more varied and interesting. When she draws or bakes she wants to do it right there and then, or larger than life on the floor. She is thought of as naughty and unsuited to the structure of school when in fact she is bored and not sure how to behave appropriately.

Importance of Family

Pippi clearly loves and misses her father and talks about him and their adventures all the time. She has now made herself a family consisting of her, her monkey and her horse, and they do family things together, such as sitting down to eat dinner every night together. She also envies Annika and Tommy their parents (although not the conformity of their rules)

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