Pippi Longstocking Literary Elements

Pippi Longstocking Literary Elements


Children's Fiction

Setting and Context

Sweden, in 20th Century unspecified era

Narrator and Point of View

Third person narrator telling the story predominately from Pippi's point of view

Tone and Mood

Jolly and happy, adventurous

Protagonist and Antagonist

Popping is the protagonist, and adults are the antagonists

Major Conflict

There is conflict between Pippi and most of the adults that she meets. For example a major conflict occurs between Pippi and the people in town who think she should live in a children's home


Pippi sees a building on fire and two children trapped on the top floor so she and Mr Nielsson rescue them making Pippi a hero


Pippi's behavior and the fact she is known to live alone foreshadows the fact that the locals and the authorities are going to want her to live in a children's home


Pippi is said to have extraordinary strength for a little girl but this is actually an understatement as she has extraordinary strength for even a grown woman


Pippi alludes to many well known fictional pirates in her stories and relates this to the fact she wants to be a pirate herself when she grows up


Pippi's house is very colorful because she is the one who paints it and this is described in vivid detail throughout the book. She is also equally colorful and described in a way that makes her match the house


Pippi knows that there is behavior that is expected of here but she is not sure what it is; however she is always able to recognize when she has not managed to behave in this way


There is a parallel drawn between the strongman who thinks that a little girl cannot possibly be stronger physically than him and the burglars who think that a little girl cannot be stronger than them in guile and psychology

Metonymy and Synecdoche

The town believes that Pippi should live in a children's home and throughout the book the opinion of the town given, but this actually uses the town to mean the townspeople


Mr Nielsson the monkey is given all of the same qualities and feelings that a human is attributed

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