Pippi Longstocking Irony

Pippi Longstocking Irony

Pippi At School

Pippi is at school to learn the curriculum from books and to learn life lessons from her teacher. There is irony here because realistically she has far more life experience than her teacher and has been to many of the places mentioned in books so she can actually teach them far more than they can teach her.

Pippi's Behavior

Pippi has no idea how she should behave in public and polite situations. The ironic thing here is that she knows there to be a template for what is expected and that there is a certain way in which she is supposed to behave, and although she never knows what it is she always seems to know when she has not managed it.

The Tea Party

Pippi thinks she is being invited to attend the tea party as a guest but is actually there to play with Tommy and Annika out of sight of the adults. The irony here is that Pippi has made a genuine effort to act in a way that is expected of a guest at a tea party; she brings something she has baked, she has put on her best clothes and she has made appropriate contributions about appropriate subjects to the conversation, but does not realize that she is expected to be one of the kids because her father never treated her like one.

Pippi's Gold Coins

Pippi has a store of gold coins that she never attempts to hide this fact or introduce security measures because she is her own security measure. This is ironic because the burglars think that they will be able to steal from a naive little girl easily but she easily outwits them and actually scares them quite badly.

Pippi Scares the Police

The police are dispatched to Pippi's Villa intending to take her to the children's home which would be terrifying for most little girls ; the ironic thing about this is that it is actually the police who are scared in this situation as Pippi outwits them easily and they are so scared of looking ridiculous or getting into trouble that they recommend she be allowed to live at the Villa.

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