Pippi Longstocking Imagery

Pippi Longstocking Imagery

Desirable School

In the fourth chapter "Pippi goes to school" and after a lot of misunderstandings between Pippi and the teacher, and school system as a whole, the girl told her classmates about school in Argentina: «It`s strictly against the law to have lessons in Argentina…Children eat caramel… And teacher takes the paper off the caramel for the children». We understand that this is an image of school, which majority of children want to attend, especially the main character of the novel. It's one of the fish stories the girl pretends to believe in.

Tale of a tub

"..in the Congo there is not a single person who tell the truth. They lie all day long" – one of the Pippi's lines in the dialogue with Tommy and Annika. This is girl`s excuse of telling some imaginative things she pretends to be true. For instance, about tradition of walking backwards in Egypt or walking on hands in Farthest India. The image of untruthfulness is woven into the plot of the novel, we hear this in girl`s explanation of her deeds, her stories about different countries and their lifestyle. Pippi is a great creator of such tales of a tub, and Tommy is one of the best `detectives` who investigates the truth.

Hidden world

«I`m never coming up. I`m going to stay here until my retire and get a pension» – said Pippi. This world was just inside the tree, where children had their coffee party. There was hollow clear down to the ground and a little crack through which children could observe outsider world: «Nobody will know that we are here. And if they should come and hunt around outside for us, we can see them through the crack. And we`ll have a good laugh». Children imagined their own hidden place without adults, school and the other boring sides of life.

Skating princess

Before arranging a picnic the girl wanted to clean her house: «Pippi poured water out on the kitchen floor. She tied two scrubbing brushes on her bare feet and skated over the floor, plowing through the water so that it splashed all around her». While fulfilling her household duties she imagined herself as successful skater. Thus, we can see how the girl transforms ordinary things into exciting performances.

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