Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking Analysis

Astrid Lindgren`s novel ``Pippi Longstocking`` is one of the most well-known and famous children`s books of all time. Firstly, the Swedish writer told imaginative stories about a little girl with pigtailed redhead to her 7-year-old sick daughter Karin. But after her ankle injury she decided to put the Pippi Longstocking stories to paper. After rejection of Swedish publishing house Lindgren rewrite her manuscript. The competition and awards committee promptly gave the story first prize, and the novel was published in 1945.

This book consists of 11 parts and tells of a nine-year-old redhead child who moves into a big house known as Villa Villekulla with her pet monkey Mr. Nilsson, unnamed pet horse and the suitcase filled with pieces of gold. Gifted with superhuman strength and countless other features, Pippi has friendship with two local siblings named Annika and Tommy Settergren. Because of girl`s previous lifestyle she has limited knowledge of common childhood behaviour and other daily routine. And this fact especially adds humour to the story. It`s better to remind Pippi`s attempts to enroll at Tommy and Annika's school, attend a circus or a coffee party arranged by Mrs. Settergren.

In spite of its dedication to young audience, a lot of adults enjoy reading of this masterpiece. It ought to be mention that while on the first sight, Pippi Longstocking might appear as the super-child with her weird behaviour, who can do anything, feels confident everywhere, is an imaginative playmate, and can always outsmart the grown-ups, there is a deep element of loneliness as well. We can analyze this feeling in such situations as playing Tag with policemen who wanted to bring her to public children`s house, with burglars who wanted to steal her money (she insisted to dance with one of them) and a lot of other occasions. In fact, she has Tommy and Annika, but they don`t spend the whole day together as girl`s neighbours attend school, do their homework, help their mother. And Pippi is always with her pets. Much of her "misbehaving" is not caused by deliberate rebellion, but because the girl has no one to care for her, to show her what is right or wrong, provide her teaching, understanding and obeying social rules and regulations.

On the other hand, this girl is full of great imagination, quirks, attitudes to different aspects of life and original ideas. Pippi is an example of a person living life delightfully, enjoying every moment and providing a number of positive minutes by herself. She isn`t the same as everyone around because this redhead child is a unique one. Pippi does justice as in the case when she got into fight between Willie and other five boys. She is brave as in the situation of fire in the skyscraper: Longstocking at least tried to save two little boys when the other just observe the accident. Thus, some grown-ups should learn something from Pippi`s deals.

Astrid Lindgren is the famous children writer, but her books are preferable also by their parents. There are a lot of wise things hidden between lines, which can lead us to something new in life, teach to become stronger, unique and inspirited.

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