Pippi Longstocking Metaphors and Similes

Pippi Longstocking Metaphors and Similes

Unnatural strength (Simile)

At the beginning of the novel we see Pippi`s appearance, character and skills. The most remarkable thing is that «there was not a single police officer as strong as she». This is a little girl who can win anyone, even those who seems physically stronger than a redhead child. Playing Tag with policemen, entertaining two burglars and saving children`s lives from fire in the skyscraper are the proofs of Pippi's strength.

Unexpected remark (Simile)

When Pippi was at a a coffee party, she always interrupted the conversation of Mrs Settergren and the other ladies. And after one of the girl's remarks «Pippi disappeared up the stairs as quickly as a jack-in-the-box» to avoid women`s leers. So, Longstocking just jumps out and to "surprise" the ladies as a clown's head of the popular children's toy.

Perfect place (Simile)

During the walk, Pippi, Tommy, and Annika prefer to be «On one side of the hill with a nice sunny rock just like a little balcony» better than on a little clearing among the hazel bushes. It was best place to sit in the sunshine, enjoy it and have a picnic.

Problem solving (Metaphor)

The author used the statement «she could lift a whole horse if she wanted to» according to the main character of book. From this quote, it's obvious for the reader that this remarkable child is so persistent and independent so that she can deal with a lot of difficulties in spite of her age. If Pippi has a desire, she would solve a problem without someone`s help. It`s necessary to see some hidden meaning of these words, not just as a reference to the girl's strength.

Exciting life (Metaphor)

We read that «her dress was rather unusual. She had meant it to be blue, but there wasn`t quite enough blue cloth, so Pippi had sewed little red pieces on it here and there». Such a description of the appearance of Pippi is a metaphor for child`s life. It isn`t shadeless, boring and usual. The girl is always busy with something, she can bake or search for some useless stuff, have picnic or climb trees. That`s why her neighbours Tommy and Annika like to spend their leisure time with skillful creator of adventures.

Delicious reward (Metaphor)

After cleaning day, Pippi decided to entertain her friends and arrange a picnic. She prepared sandwiches with meatballs and ham, a whole pile of sugared pancakes, several sausages and pineapple puddings. As a conclusion we have the quote: `«Aren`t Scrubbing Vacation grand!», said Tommy with his mouth full of pancakes.`. Thus, decadent food is the best prize for children, while money is preferable for adults.

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