Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist Themes

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist Themes

Love and betrayal

The book describes the whole charm of love between the characters. One character loves, the other betrays, the third wants to be loved and the fourth generally uses people. Even though teenage love is not very serious at this age, here the main characters show that they can have serious consequences of their unrequited love. Tris is ready to cut Norah’s throat, because Norah is friend with Nick. However, because of her eternal faithlessness, Tris is left with nothing. Perhaps, she will understand that love and betrayal are incompatible things. She does not know, when you love, you are over the moon. When you are betrayed, you are broken.


People always have a question, why we need friend. However, after reading this novel, you will understand that friends are not just people, with whom you only communicate. Only time and difficult circumstances will show who is a real friend and who is a fake one, who just uses you for the sake of something. Norah is a real friend. She can hear out, help and even support her crazy friend Caroline. Well, what about Nick’s friends? Readers can generally feel a bit jealous, because Thom, Dev and Lethario are guys, with whom Nick will not be bored. Appreciate friends. The authors means you should appreciate only your loyal friends, because those people, who just want something from you, are not friends.


Almost all teenagers dream of a careless life, to spend all their time with friends in nightclubs and listen to rock music at concerts of the most famous bands. Most of the events occur at night, when the characters get on with their life, do not think about tomorrow and especially their parents. They have only “now” and they need to spend this time, so that they will remember about it for the rest of their life. New York City at night is not a city of dreams and glory, but a city of revelry and temptation, because you can accidentally meet new friends or your love as Norah meets Nick. You can get dead drunk like Caroline and know that this night is yours. The authors hint at the fact that you do not need to be as busy as a bee. Sometimes, you should be another person.

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