Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist Characters

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist Character List

Nick O’Leary

Nick O’Leary is the most ordinary and sometimes odd guy. Sometimes, his strangeness makes him look like an emo boy. In addition, he is a bit slowpoke and, perhaps, his temper picks funny moments out and constantly changes the character of the book. Nick plays in a rock band, his friends are gays, but he respects them. He is an interesting personage, because he does not strive to perfection, he is true. Nick loves his ex-girlfriend, Tris, who betrayed him, but Norah changes everything. Moreover, he is a little sensitive guy.

Norah Silverberg

Norah Silverberg is a daughter of the famous music producer. She is a mysterious and a little strange girl, who does not know what she wants from life. She cares about her crazy girlfriend, Caroline. When people find out that she is the producer’s daughter, everyone is astonished, why she is not so popular. However, Norah is not an upstart. She is like Nick – calm and does not try to achieve fame. She has modesty that makes Norah beautiful.


Caroline is Norah’s best friend. We can assume that this character makes this novel fun and full of irony. She is a very cheerful and crazy heroine. Many readers say that this character is superfluous in the book, but in fact, her all sorts of tricks, when she is drunk as a skunk, make the reader laugh. Caroline is not very responsible, but she is a faithful friend.


Tris is Nick’s ex-girlfriend, who is always unfaithful to Nick. It is impossible to deny that she is a self-satisfied, stupid bitch. Tris makes all the boys run after her and she uses them. Tris’s worst quality is her envy, because she immediately decides to retrieve Nick, when Norah begins to communicate with him.

Thom, Dev and Lethario

Thom, Dev and Lethario are Nick’s best friends. They can be described in one word – they are cheery fellows. Nick’s life would be boring without them. They are very funny and always ready to help.

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