Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist Imagery

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist Imagery

Girlfriend for five minutes

The girl next to Nick puts two fingers in her mouth to whistle “old-fashioned style”. Norah is dressed in “a flannel shirt” and she is trying to bring back the only fashion style of the past fifty years. The shirt is as “damn comfortable” as it looks. Norah has “very pale skin” and a haircut, which she has messed up and tries to hide it. The image of Norah gives an impression about Nick’s beautiful and special girlfriend.

Moment of delight and love

Nick and Norah are on Times Square. He feels “the raindrops” drench his clothes. He feels “the hair fall down” in his eyes. However, he can see this “lightness” and Norah is “so fucking beautiful” the way her mouth is uncertain about whether or not to smile. Nick’s “arm is around her body”. Norah presses close and they kiss each other. This moment brings them pleasure. The image of their behavior gives an impression about their strong and faithful feeling.

Norah’s old life

When Norah was younger, her dad and she went to “music festivals and concerts” all the time. They lived in “the same house in Englewood Cliffs” her whole life, but she feels like she also partially grew up in Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, Chicago and Seattle – anywhere that had “a hot music scene”. Norah is lucky, she has have met many “incredible artists” with dad throughout her life, some of them “legends”. The image of her old life gives an impression about her unforgettable childhood.

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