Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist Analysis

From the very outset, the reader can expect a rather banal youth plot of the novel “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist”. Fortunately, this is far from being the case. Of course, there is no doubt that this novel has many clichés, etc., but the novel is original itself. Events take place during the day and night, while the reader can feel how this atmosphere changes and how the characters change. This is a great novel, in which you can see New York to be not just as a city in the country with its own special rules, but as a part of the whole country.

The book is very funny during some moments, but it does not have such good things as the typical American jokes. It does not shock, does not kill, uses clichés, but despite this, it stands out and it is original. Why? I do not even know. You just need to read it. This youth novel is not of those books, from which you do not expect anything special from the very beginning, however then “bang” and you are in wonder, because everything is so touching recognizable and lovely.

Yeah… there is a predictable, but nice story of acquaintances, obvious love triangles, where it is immediately clear, which “angle” is superfluous, many minor amusing characters, so that the novel suggests simply laughing. The major trick of the book is that there are many jokes in the dialogues of Nick and Norah that are taken directly from the life. Only people, who have a good sense of humor, can joke in such a way. If you think seriously, it is impossible to meet such a lively and natural sarcasm in other novels. There is a lot of improvisation and it is very pleasant to read the novel. The book teaches us to be cheerful despite all the emotional experiences and gray routine in our life.

The reader can learn three principal life lessons from the novel. Firstly, it is necessary to have friends, who will take care of you, help and protect you, like the kind friends of the main protagonists. The second and most important lesson says that you need to be a pretty good judge of people – know their attitude toward you and understand why they are your best friends. Maybe they just use you. The third lesson you can learn from the relationship of the main characters. What do girls want? You will learn it, when you read Norah’s chapters.

The book is extraordinarily touching, and this epithet points the whole essence of the novel out like never before. Friendship, love, care, tenderness can withstand lies, treachery, betrayals and new lies in order to realize that sometimes you can just feel the heartbeat of each other, holding hand, and that will be enough.

This book will bring you back in youth, inspire that magic fragrance of the night that once drove you crazy and did not let you sleep. The reader will be sincerely grateful for it. This story makes musing on life and opportunities.

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