Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist Summary

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist Summary

Nick still misses Tris after their parting and, trying giving her back, he makes the various CDs for her; however, Tris throws them into the bit bucket. Norah, who is Tris’s classmate, believes that Nick’s music is excellent and therefore she always picks up CDs from the trash.

One day, Norah learns that her favorite rock band “Where’s Fluffy” will have a concert tour in New York City and she and her friend Caroline go to the city to see the concert. In the night club, Norah accidentally meets her classmate Tris, who is there with her new boyfriend. Tris begins to insult and laugh at her that Norah does not have a boyfriend and that she is lonely. However, Norah is not confused and says that her boyfriend is here. At this moment, Nick, who is a guitarist of the gays’ band “The Jerk-Offs” (but he is not gay), notices Tris and he steps up to Norah and offers her to become his girlfriend for some minutes to make Tris jealous. Norah consents and they start kissing, pretending to love each other. It is a very awkward moment, when Norah finds out that Nick is Tris’s ex-boyfriend and CDs, which Norah likes, belong to Nick. Is it a coincidence?

On the same evening, Caroline drinks her fill and Nick’s friends decide to help Norah drive her friend to home in return for their request to find “Where’s Fluffy”. When Norah and Nick start looking for the rock band, Caroline phones Norah and she begins to scream that she is kidnapped and she is in the van with loud music and suspected guys. When the van abruptly stops, Caroline runs away.

Norah decides to talk with Nick about Tris and she finds the right arguments for Nick to sever relations with Tris. Meanwhile, Nick’s friends call him and say Caroline gets lost. The guys immediately stop searching for “Where’s Fluffy” and go to find Caroline, who is at the bus station. Caroline does not have enough money for the bus ticket and she goes to another place. Of course, Norah does not find Caroline at the bus station.

Norah and the guys go to the club, where they pass without turn (probably Norah knows the security guard) and they try to see Caroline there. In the same place, the band “Where’s Fluffy” should have their concert, but the fans are deceived and the guys continue to look for Caroline.

Tris decides to follow them and watch how Norah and Nick are looking for Caroline, realizing the fact that Norah and Nick’s friendship (or already love) irritates her. Tris comes near Norah and begins to insult her, affirming that Norah will hurt Nick and she never has an orgasm. The situation could have been much worse, if Tris had learned that Norah and Nick had sex. It is funny! Nick’s friends begin to soothe Norah and tell her that she is much better than Tris.

Thank God, friends could find a drunken Caroline and Norah immediately begins to bring her to consciousness, talking with Nick about their plans. Tris tries to talk with Nick, but he takes the hint that she is unworthy of him and Nick only thinks about Norah. Nick realizes that if he stays with Tris, he will make a big mistake in his life. Norah accidentally meets her ex-boyfriend Tal at the bar and he gives her CDs of his band, hoping that Norah will give it to her father, who is a famous music producer. Of course, Nick begins to be jealous, but Norah claims that Tal and she are just friends. Dev, Thom and Lethario (Nick’s friends) get to know on radio, where “Where’s Fluffy” will have the concert and the guys decide to visit this place, informing Nick and Norah about the happy news. In the club, Norah meets her ex-boyfriend again and Tal allows her to make a choice – either he or Nick. Nick quickly takes Norah’s hand and they run away from the club, skipping the concert of their favorite band “Where’s Fluffy”.

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