Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist Quotes


“This is not something insignificant. This is real. This is happening. And this is ours.”


What can be better than the period of your life, when you are in love? You can feel amazing. Every moment, spent with a loved one, is a gift of life. When you are together, you only have now and you take this chance as Nick and Norah. This pair of sweethearts understands that their meeting was not an accident. It is a gift of fate. They do everything that things will take their natural course. Norah and Nick kiss like it is a form of clasping. They have nothing to prove now, nothing except that they are not afraid. They are not going to think too much, or stop too much, or go too much. And this is their perfect time.

“I know this is going to sound strange, but would you mind being my girlfriend for the next five minutes?”


Everything begins with this simple phrase and proposal – a beautiful story of love, friendship and betrayal. Everything begins with betrayal and jealousy, when Nick’s girlfriend abandons him. If Nick had not asked Norah to be his girlfriend for some time, readers would not have learnt all the joy of the nightly New York City. If Nick had just not said anything, maybe he would have met another girl or would have been a lonely guy. This accidental meeting with Norah allows the reader to learn that being happy and love struck is very easy. You just need to be a little bold to make crazy actions and then maybe you will have the same love story as Nick and Norah have.

“Nobody is looking at clothes or poses.”


People always say that you need to judge other people by their appearance. Everyone will want to get acquainted with a beautiful girl with long hair in an amazing dress. However, hardly it will happen, when anyone will want to talk with you, when you have a careless appearance and you are dressed in ragged clothes. In fact, appearance is deceptive and Nick proves it. It is about force and pulse and unleashing the gigantic urges. You need to properly present yourself like the famous rock band “Where’s Fluffy” does in this book. The guys of the band understand that they will be able to win their fans only with the help of charisma and sense of humor. And then you will achieve success and attention.

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