Breaking Dawn Summary

Breaking Dawn Summary

Breaking Dawn is divided into 3 books. The first book is from Bella’s point of view where Bella and Edward are finally getting married which means Bella will be an immortal soon. This is great news as Volturi is getting angsty about her human state. There are just some wrinkles to be smoothed. For one Bella’s best friend, love interest and neighbourhood werewolf has taken off and crossed a big line, namely, the Canadian border. Secondly, they still have to figure out how they are going to consummate the marriage without Edward killing Bella. A problem that almost leads to Jacob Edward showdown when Bella accidentally blurts out her honeymoon plans to Jacob while they were dancing. But Sam orders him to stop and salvages the wedding reception.

Edward takes Bella to Isle Esme which was a gift for Esme from Carlisle. It all seems romantic and perfect but the honeymoon comes to an end after Edward refuses to sleep with Bella again because he is horrified by the bruises on her body. Bella tries to seduce him but all the sexy lingerie in the world doesn’t seem to faze him. She tries to negotiate a new deal where she will agree to go to college and remain human if he will have sex with her. Finally she is able to seal the deal by crying and saying please.

Once Edward learns to mitigate his strength towards destroying furniture instead of crushing Bella to death, their romantic honeymoon gets back on track. But they soon realize that Bella is pregnant and Edward rushes her back to terminate the pregnancy while she enlists Rosalie’s help to stop the abortion.

Second Book which is in Jacob’s point of view begins with him wondering if Bella will come back dead or dead undead. When Charlie is worried about Bella’s “illness”, he assumes that she has changed into Vampire and goes to Cullen house to kill them for breaking the treaty. To his surprise she is actually very sick and very pregnant. Edward is desperate to save her life and wants Jacob to reason with Bella. He wants him to convince her that if she aborts this baby, she can have another child with Jacob. Obviously the plan didn’t work and Jacob leaves the house angry and sad. When the rest of the pack realizes what’s going on, they plan to kill Bella and anyone who would defend her abomination. Jacob refuses Sam’s direct order and leaves the pack followed by Seth and Leah. This makes Jacob the alpha of the new pack. He warns the Cullens about Sam’s plans and offers to protect Bella.

Bella keeps on becoming weaker until Jacob’s nasty thoughts give Edward the idea to feed her blood. It works and everyone become optimistic about the situation. After few days Edward hears the child and they decide to remove it surgically but before Dr. Cullen could come back from the hunting trip, Bella accidentally hurts herself which leads to Edward tearing her womb with his teeth to save the baby. Due to high loss of blood Bella’s heart stop beating. Edward bites her and gives her CPR but Jacob believes it’s too late. Heartbroken and devastated, he decides to kill Renesmee as revenge. But when he looks her in the eye he imprints on her. Book two concludes with him hearing Bella’s beating heart.

Book three is again from Bella’s point of view and it begins with Bella’s agonizing experience of transformation. She stays still and pretends to be asleep so that she won’t scream in pain which will torment Edward. Once the transformation is completed she is overwhelmed with multiple new experiences but strangely retains “herself”. While hunting she is able to resist killing humans which is an amazing feat for a new born thirsty vampire.Bella keeps on defying odds and is able to skip the crazy new born years which lets her stay in Forks and be with Jacob and her father. While she is happy to be able to balance her old and new life, she is worried about Renesmee who is growing old too fast. At this rate she will become old woman at the age of 15. They plan to go to Rio where the superstitious natives knew stories about half vampire children to find out a way to save her. They also have to go and meet Volturi to give the proof of Bella’s transformation but she has to make this trip alone as she is the only one whose thoughts Aro can’t read. She knows he is a collector and doesn’t want him to be anywhere near Renesmee.

One day when Bella, Renesmee and Jacob were hunting, Irina saw them and mistook Renesmee with an immortal child. She officially complains to Volturi, giving them an excuse to openly attack Cullens. Alice sees their plan and leaves with Jasper. In an attempt to stop Volturi and tell their side of the story, Cullens call their friends to house where Renesmee shows her story by using her gift and convinces them that she is Bella and Edward’s biological daughter and not an immortal child. While they are waiting for Volturi to come, Bella decodes Alice’s message and buys new identity for Jacob and Renesmee so they can run away if Cullens lose. When Volturi comes they are intimidated by the werewolves/shapeshifters and the gifted vampires by Cullen’s side. Once it’s proven that Cullens haven’t broken any law, they lost their justification. But mostly they were scared of Bella who had learnt how to project her shield.

With Caius wanting to continue the attack and Marcus absolutely disinterested and against the idea, it comes down to Aro. Conflicted by his desire to destroy Cullen clan and fear for his own clan, he desperately needed a reason to stay or go away. It is Alice and Jasper who have the trump card which finally pushes him towards peace. They bring another half vampire child so that there are no uncertainties left regarding Renesmee’s future. Though they lost Irina who was killed by Caius in an attempt to provoke them and start a war, they celebrate their win. Later Bella is finally able to push her protective shield away so that Edward could read her thoughts temporarily. Bella tries to concentrate but Edward couldn't stop himself from kissing her which distracts her and brings the shield back into place. When Edward gets frustrated Bella reminds him that they have all the time in the world to work on this. Hence, the book ends with Bella rejoicing in her “forever”.

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