Breaking Dawn Quotes


"Early marriage was higher up on her blacklist than boiling live puppies."

Bella Swan, Chapter 1

This quotation occurs at the time when Bella Swan is about to tell her mother of her engagement to Edward Cullen. Her mother, Renee, was married to her father, Charlie, at a very young age. Though she knows that her mother does not blame her for the difficulties of her life, she knows that her mother regrets getting married at such a young age. Charlie knows that Renee hates marriage at a young age and forces Bella to call her mother to tell her when he learns of the engagement. He does not want to be the person to tell her she cannot marry him, so he depends on Renee's disapproval. Renee disappoints Charlie by approving of the marriage, because she assumes it is inevitable and sees how well matched the young couple is. Bella, at the time of this quotation, is nervous for her mother's response.

"Though I was glad to have her in my arms, it made me feel useless."

Bella Swan, Chapter 30

Bella, as a newborn vampire, feels incapable of protecting her miracle child from the voltori (law-enforcing coven). The paradox is, even tough she has her child in her arms, she is powerless to defend her. Even though her strength is at its height, being a newborn, she is less than a year old were as the voltori are thousands of years old. This age gap makes her vastly inferior to the mature, skilled, knowledgeable opponents.

"The house was dark, but not empty"

Jacob Black, Chapter 11

The dark house being not empty reflects the vampires silent movement and lack of reliance on lighting to be able to see. Metaphorically the imagery of a dark house reflects the emotional atmosphere, Bella's dangerous life-threatening pregnancy, and the "not empty" reflects the occupancy being dark and unnatural.

"I found the number I wanted, the one i had never called before in my life"

Bella Swan, chapter 7

After finding out that she is pregnant, Bella reacts differently to Edward, who is intent on killing the baby before it hurts Bella. Bella instead feels love for the baby. This statement signifies the extent at which she is willing to go to protect her baby, calling it Rosalie. Now that Bella has the chance a child, she knows that Rosalie will protect her, even when Edward will not.

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