Breaking Dawn Metaphors and Similes

Breaking Dawn Metaphors and Similes

And here I was, callously throwing away everything she wanted in life like it was garbage.

Bella had been told by Rosalie about the situations in which she was created as a vampire. Rosalie’s prime motivation during that time was to get married to a loving man and have his babies. After her rape by her fiancé, she is left to die when Carlisle founds her. The first action she performed as a vampire was to get revenge from her perpetrator. However, it does little to soothe the pointlessness of her new life. Her being a vampire prevented her from getting pregnant. Her need for a loving husband is fulfilled when she finds Emmett, but she is left pining for a child. She feels that Bella is wasting her ability to procreate for a life of pointless forever.

My relationship with Jacob used to be so easy. Natural as breathing.

Bella feels torn between Edward and Jacob. Bella was friends with Jacob when she first came to Forks in the first installment of the Twilight series. In the second and third books, an attraction begins to develop between Bella and Jacob, which forms the primary conflict of the series in the form of a love triangle. Since Jacob is not as sacrificing as Bella or Edward, he often creates tension in the relationship of Bella and Edward, which leads to tension in the friendship of Bella and Jacob. After Jacob runs away after Bella’s decision to choose Edward over him, Bella wonders how the simplicity of their friendship had been destroyed.

I don’t see their faces.

Jacob and Quill make this statement as they discuss their love lives. Jacob and Quill are both in love, the only difference being in the bond. While Jacob is in love with Bella out of his free will, Quill’s will has been forced by him imprinting on Claire, a toddler. Jacob feels it’s better to have the will being taken away while being in love with someone as it doesn’t forces one to suffer pain for the other person. He also notices Quill’s utter devotion to Claire which is not necessarily sexual in nature, even if it appears so. He asks Quill to date a few girls while Claire is growing, so as to enjoy life in the absence of one’s partner. Quill makes the statement and on Quill’s suggesting the same to Jacob, Jacob makes the same statement. The two men don’t observer women anymore as they are tied in love.

This was the face a man would have if he were burning at stake.

Jacob, on discovering that Bella had returned to Forks as a human being, visits her and finds her in an accelerated pregnancy which had been hurting her. He is repulsed by the child as not only it’s the child of a vampire, it is fatal to Bella. He holds Edwards responsible for this but finds Edward too grieved to say anything. He appears helpless as he watches the child hurt Bella from inside, weakening her and breaking her bones. Jacob realizes that Edward as much pain from the whole ordeal as a man burning.

“The redcoats are coming, the redcoats are coming”

Garrett observes this as the Volturi are advancing on the Cullens. The color red has been used traditionally in military by the British. The term is used here to refer the guard of Volturi. The Volturi like to think of themselves as royalty, the ultimate court of vampires. They like to sit on their thrones and dole out justice as if they inherited the right or were voted to do so. Garrett calls them red coats in a satirical tone to compare them to the older armies who fought in the name of justice.

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