Breaking Dawn Imagery

Breaking Dawn Imagery

Cullens’ lifestyle

The Cullens are said to be very rich though they try not to flaunt around. They hardly wear the same clothes twice, they drive magnificent cars, and the rooms have stashes of cash. Their lifestyle creates an image of opulence and immense wealth. Their lifestyle also hints at their uniqueness. Most vampires do not stay in groups or in a place for long. The Cullens live like a family, thus they can enjoy their lifestyle.


Wilderness is represented as a cover for supernatural creatures as werewolves and vampires away from the eyes of human beings. Thus, wilderness almost represents mystery and the supernatural. Wilderness is also a place where supernatural creatures can be themselves and not have to hide anymore.


Snow is mentioned with a dread. Forks has a geographical location with a heavy downpour which had Bella hate Forks in the first book. In Breaking Dawn, snow is mentioned with a dread, since the Volturi are predicted to arrive on the day when the snow starts sticking to the ground.

Cullen’s living room

Cullens’ living room represents Bella’s physical state. Since, Bella is of sacrificing nature, she would rather not have herself strapped to a bed like a patient and would pretend that she is find when she is not, she stresses the Cullens to live their life with least change. So, when she is somewhat fine she is found sitting in the hall with other Cullens, and when she is not she is seen strapped to a bad instead of a room in the other part of the house.

Immortal children

Immortal children were said to be tremendously beautiful and completely untamed. Immortal children produce a sensation of fear and dread, since their creation can lead ot execution by the Volturi. However, covens would usually fight the Volturi defending the children they had created and get destroyed, thus producing a subsequent image of destruction.

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