Breaking Dawn Characters

Breaking Dawn Character List

Isabella (Bella) Swan

Isabella Swan, the protagonist, is an eighteen year old who marries her vampire lover, Edward Cullen. She is very intelligent, caring, and enjoys literature, especially the classics. Bella has always been somewhat of an outcast and is often very awkward and uncomfortable.On her honeymoon with Edward, Bella becomes pregnant with a child that leads to her death. Once Bella is transformed into a vampire (by Edward) she becomes more graceful and poised, as well as adapting other vampiric traits. She also gains a new power with vampirism, she can defend herself and others from the mental attacks of other vampires. Bella is fiercely protective of her family and is willing to fight strongly for them at any and every moment.

Edward Cullen

Bella’s love interest. Edward is a vampire who was turned in 1918, when he was 17 years old. Edward has pale skin (like most vampires), bronze hair and is extremely beautiful. Edward is ‘related’ to Carlisle and the rest of the Cullen family. Edward is trained in many different sciences and arts and he also has the special power to read minds. Edward marries Bella and eventually turns her into a vampire so that they can be with each other forever. Edward is protective over his family and does what he must do in order to save his daughter, Renesmee, from potentially being killed by the Volturi.

Jacob Black

Jacob is a werewolf and Bella’s childhood friend. Jacob is a natural born leader who is very caring but can easily become jealous. He is in love with Bella Swan but once he finds out (at her wedding to Edward) that Bella intends to become a vampire then Jacob turns into a wolf and flees for months. When he returns, Jacob sees Bella, still human and very pregnant, and vows to protect her. He abandons the Quileute Wolf Pack and is followed by Leah and Seth Clearwater, which unknowingly starts his own pack. When she is born, Jacob imprints on Bella’s child, Renesmee and becomes her best friend and her protector.

Renesmee Cullen

RRenesmee is the hybrid (part human/part vampire) daughter of Bella and Edward. Renesmee is a sweet, intelligent and quiet young girl. She grows at a faster rate than normal humans do but, it is learned from another hybrid, that eventually Renesmee will stop growing, like a vampire. What she does not say aloud, she often shows using the power of tactile projection (displaying images via, touch). Renesmee is especially attached to Jacob and she sees him as her best friend. Her life is put at risk when the Volturi are told that she is an Immortal Child (a child turned into a vampire) instead of a hybrid but her family arrange a trial, complete with witnesses, in order to protect her.

Carlisle Cullen

Carlisle is the leader of the Cullen Coven. He is a caring and family oriented doctor. Carlisle used to be a member of the Volturi guard but he broke away from them because he despised their violent methods. Carlisle decided on the vegetarian diet for his family. He helps his family to gather the witnesses to prove that Renesmee is not an Immortal Child and represents them, and the witnesses at their meeting with the Volturi.

Esme Cullen

Carlisle’s wife, Esme is a very caring woman. She immediately accepts Bella into her family as well as Renesmee. She also participates in gathering witnesses for Renesmee’s trial.

Rosalie Cullen

Rosalie is a gorgeous, blonde vampire. She is upset with the fact that she is a vampire because Rosalie always wanted a family but could not have one because vampires cannot reproduce. Because of this fact, Rosalie becomes jealous of Bella because she has a child. She wants to protect Renesmee with her life and is willing to take her in as her own, even when half of the covens wanted to abort the fetus. She participates in gathering witnesses for Renesmee’s trial.

Emmett Cullen

Emmett is a vampire known for his strength. His exceptional strength surpasses that of his family and even interests the Volturi. The only person stronger than him is Bella but that is because she is a newborn vampire. Emmett is in a relationship with Rosalie. He also helps to gather witnesses for Renesmee’s trial.

Alice Cullen

Alice is a vampire who is seen as a little peculiar. Alice is described as being small and sprite-like. She is free spirited and often seen as very happy. She gladly accepts Bella as her sister and Renesmee as her child. Alice has the special power to see glimpses of the future, even though it is always changing. When she sees that the Volturi are coming for Renesmee, she flees with Jasper in order to find proof that the young hybrid is not a threat. She eventually comes back with the proof and eases the Volturi’s minds.

Jasper Cullen

Jasper is the vampire who (besides Bella) is newest to the vegetarian lifestyle that the Cullens lead. He, having fought in the Civil War, is a trained fighter and also has the special ability to feel and manipulate the emotions of the people around him. He is in a relationship with Alice and leaves with her to find proof that Renesmee is harmless.

Leah Clearwater

Leah is the only female werewolf in the world. She used to be in a relationship with Quileute Pack leader, Sam Uley, but she could no longer be with him when she found out that he imprinted on someone else. Leah is fiercely loyal to her family so when Seth leaves the pack to follow acob, she goes with him. Leah is not fond of vampires but grows to become slightly more comfortable around the Cullens. She mostly decided to side with them because that is the choice her alpha, Jacob, made.

Seth Clearwater

Seth is a young werewolf who admires Jacob. Seth is compassionate, friendly and wants to be a part of something important. He follows Jacob when he leaves the Quileute Pack and helps him fight for the Cullens and Renesmee. Seth likes the Cullens and getting to spend time with him. He especially likes Renesmee and they are often seen playing with each other. He is also a witness to her trial and stands ready to defend her.

The Volturi

The Volturi is made up of Aro, Marcus and Caius. They are known for being the keepers of the vampire laws. The three of them are strict and try to be fair. Aro has the ability to see one’s past via touch. He also admires vampires with unique skills and tries to recruit them into the Volturi’s guard. The coven was warned by Irina that the Cullens had an Immortal Child and so they go to Forks, Washington to potentially kill Renesmee

The Volturi Guard

The Volturi Guard is meant to guard the members of the Volturi Coven but they also help to maintain the rules of vampiric culture. Each member of the Volturi Guard was chosen by the Volturi because they had special abilities. The members are Alec (the ability to cut of physical senses), his twin sister Jane (the ability to make one feel excruciating pain), Chelsea (the ability to influence emotional ties), Demetri (enhanced tracking), Felix (strength), Heidi (the ability to be appealing to to all genders and species), and Renata (the ability to produce a shield against physical attacks).

The Denali Coven

The Denali Coven is composed of Eleazar, Carmen, Irina, Katrina (Kate), and Tanya. The coven all look like they could be related and they have the same strawberry blonde hair. They have been friends of the Cullens for years and come to Forks to be witnesses to the fact that Renesmee is part human.The only person who does not is Irina. Irina goes to the Volturi to tell them that Renesmee is only a vampire, even though she did not get a proper look at the child. Both Eleazar and Kate have special abilities. Eleazar can sense when other vampires have powers and Kate can send a painful, electric shock to someone via touch. Kate’s mate Garrett joins the coven by the end of the novel.

The Romanian Coven

The coven is made up of Stefan and Vladimir. Both vampires are centuries of years old. They used to be a part of the Volturi until they were kicked out. The two sat completely still, in solitude for several years, but they still want to seek revenge on the Volturi. They came to be witnesses for Renesmee’s trial

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