Breaking Dawn Literary Elements

Breaking Dawn Literary Elements


Romance and paranormal/fantasy fiction

Setting and Context

Modern day America

Narrator and Point of View

Jacob Black and Bella Swan

Tone and Mood

The somewhat tense mood reflects the fact that the characters are preparing for battle

Protagonist and Antagonist

Bella Swan is the protagonist. The Venatori are the antagonists

Major Conflict

The preparation for battle and the gathering of all the characters at the battlefield.


Alice uses her magic to convince them all not to fight and they all go home.


The love Jacob has for Bella in the previous books foreshadows the effect that he would imprint on her infant child.


The climax of the book underplays the violence of the antagonists and expects that the characters would easily go back to living in peace despite the history of war amongst vampires in the lore.


The author often alludes to Wuthering Heights, Bella's favorite book.


The book concludes with the imagery of the vast tapestry of life that symbolises the interconnectedness of everything.


The book does not address the fact that Charlie must have noticed that his granddaughter was growing up to fast, and would reach adulthood within a year.



Metonymy and Synecdoche



The nature in the book is personified within the magical powers of many characters.

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