Breaking Dawn Irony

Breaking Dawn Irony

Jacob’s change of heart

In the second part of the book, Jacob is seen with a murderous rage inside him against Cullens. He is waiting for the news of Bella, if she survived as a human or vampire or if she died in the while trying to have sex with Edward. The rest of the pack is not interested in Bella’s fate anymore since her decision to become a vampire is out of her free will. After Jacob sees her suffering from carrying the baby, he has a change of heart as he realizes that he can’t hurt Bella or anyone she loves. When he narrates the story to the rest of the pack, they have a change of heart too and decide that Bella’s breeding an abomination. So, while Jacob wanted to hurt Cullens, the pack wouldn’t intervene and while he decides to protect Bella, the pack grows violent.

Rosalie and Bella

Rosalie and Bella had never been friendly with each other. In the first installment of the Twilight series, Rosalie even proposed to kill Bella as they were facing a threat from Bella to their secrecy. Over the parts, Rosalie continues to express her contempt with Bella and reveals in the third part that Rosalie had wanted to be married and have babies. This leads to her contempt and jealousy of Bells when she decides to sacrifice her reproduction abilities to be with Edward. When Bella conceives a child, she faces the threat of having the baby taken away from her forcibly and seeks Rosalie’s help who complies.

Jacob’s imprinting

In the second part, Jacob is desperate to imprint on someone so he could avoid pain from his feelings for Bella. He feels it will be easier for him to have his choices taken away. He even tries getting away from Forks in a park full of women looking at them to the point of staring willing himself to imprint on them. Further, his hate of Bella’s child makes him contemptuous for Renessme’s life. His hate for Renessme is expressed throughout the part two makes up for the conflicting emotions of Jacob. He even tries to kill Renessme after she is delivered and Bella is presumed dead. His imprinting on Renessme is ironic due to his hateful feelings for her and him being rendered helpless against them.

Bella turning out as the strongest vampire

Bella is shown as a timid meek figure, she is fragile and prone to accidents. The Cullens and the werewolves always seem to be protecting her against some threat or other. She doesn’t ever appears to be unharmed or uninjured. After her transformation, in the events of the attack by Volturi, Bella discovers her power as a shield and learns to protect herself and others around her. Thus, she renders the Volturi guard helpless, a first for them. Thus, from being the smallest and most vulnerable person in the Twilight universe, Bella goes on to become the strongest.

Leah’s refusal to go back

Leah, a former girlfriend of Sam, is heartbroken when Sam imprints on Emily and has to leave her. The situation is made more complex when Leah turns out to have shape-shifting abilities too and has to join the pack. This creates an awkward and almost painful situation for Leah. She gets an opportunity to leave the pack when Jacob rebels against Sam’s leadership. She joins Jacob in his effort to protect Bella from Sam and his pack. When Sam sends requests her to get back, using his nickname for her, she instead of breaking dawn refuses to get back.

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