Vampire Academy Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Vampire Academy Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Blood (Symbol)

Blood is main food of Moroi and vampires, which supports their vital signs. Of course, Moroi can eat human food, but it doesn’t give enough energy like blood. There are many people, who are feeders in this academy. They give their blood to feed Moroi and keep their state of health. Actually, the blood is very important in the life of these bloody creatures. It is a symbol of the endless life and youth. Besides, it is also a source of energy, which Moroi need for the struggle with evil vampires, who want to destroy this world.

Animals (Symbol)

Reading the novel Lisa’s love for animals can be noticed. These cute creatures make life more positive and take away the negative energy, which is accumulated during the grey days. One can say that there is nothing specific in animals, but actually they have a significant symbolical meaning. All dead animals, including Lisa’s favorite cat Oscar, are found by Lisa whenever she goes. Her enemy Natalie, who pretends to be her friend, is going to get to know about Lisa's magic power. Lisa is able to revive all dead animals. These poor animals symbolize a premonition about Lisa’s enemies, who want to destroy her power.

Friendship, struggle (Motif)

“Vampire Academy” is a novel about love, magic, spell power, friendship, courage and mortality. It is a book, which captures readers from the first read pages. The endless fight between evil and good is transformed into the struggle between kind Moroi and bad vampires. This fight always keeps the reader in suspense. As to the friendship between Lisa and Rose, it is a striking example of the loyal friends and responsibility for each other. It is very important to have a friend, who will rescue in difficult troubles. After the escape, Lisa partially loses her reputation of the princess, but Rose helps her to avoid these problems. This novel shows the existence of good and well-wishing people in the cruel world.

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