Vampire Academy Quotes


“I’ve come to take you back to St Vladimir’s, Princesss”

Vampire Academy, Chapter 1

This line is spoken by Dimitri and it marks a shift in the world that Rose and Lissa have come to accept over the past two years. By addressing Lissa as “Princess”, Dimitri draws attention to the responsibilities she has left behind when she ran away. Moreover, the term “Princess” is juxtaposed with the simple life that Lissa has lived for the two years – she managed to escape her fate and be normal but now she is being dragged into the world that forced her to run away in the first place.

‘He’s dangerous. I don’t like him”



Vampire Academy, Chapter 8

This marks the frist point where Rose begins to take her Guardian role of Lissa seriously. Prior to that, all she was concerned with was resuming their life like it was two years ago; partying and behaving irresponsibly. However, by actively telling Lissa how she feels about Christian, Rose proves that she is beginning to change her attitude towards her role as protector.

“My thoughts didn’t matter, only hers did”

Vampire Academy, Chapter 8

Rose’s dedication to Lissa is unchallenged. She continuously puts Lissa’s needs before her own. The bonds of friendship are extremely present during this scene, as Rose is willingly entering into Lissa’s mind through their psychic bond as opposed to being forced in her mine.  

“To most people, he might have appeared scary and intimidating but…(Christian) suddenly seemed very, very vulnerable.”

Vampire Academy, Chapter 9

This marks the first time where Lissa stops pitying herself for her loss and focuses on someone else’s pain. The idea that Christian Ozera, child of Strigoi, is dropping his mask in front of her highlights the importance of this moment. Whilst most people ignore and shun Christian, all he wants is to be accepted and Lissa is the first person that does.

“She stared at him, a swirl of emotions playing in her chest”

Vampire Academy, Chapter 9

Lissa is confused by her sudden intense feelings for Christian. She is desperate to get back on top of the social ladder, as a way of getting revenge on Mia, but understands that she cannot develop these romantic feelings for Christian as he will only bring her down.

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