Vampire Academy Irony

Vampire Academy Irony

Too much concern

Rose always takes care of Lisa and worries about her life. Christian is sure that “Rose is so messed up and desperate for attention. He affirms that she can’t tell when someone doesn’t like her”. That’s why “she doesn’t leave Lisa alone”. Christian laughs at Rose, because she is obsessed with her mission, which is based on Lisa’s protection.

Vacant stare

Christian knows about Lisa’s gift. She can convince people to do things. He says that “people get these goofy looks on their faces when Lisa talks to them”. But actually Lisa disclaims her power and affirms that she doesn’t have such a gift. The irony is that Lisa pretends to be a fool, but almost all her friends know about her strong power of conviction.

Senseless fight

When Ashford and Miles quarrel, it seems that they are going to fight right here in the academy. Rose becomes to make fun of them and says that “there is so much testosterone in the air. She feels like she needs a gas mask”. The ironical is the fact that these two guys act like two capricious children, who cannot behave themselves amount other students.

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