Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy Analysis

The novel opens up by introducing the different counterparts to the vampiric world. Mead informs the reader to the concept of ‘good vampires’, a topic that is not very popular when writing vampire novels. Vampires are often described as being evil, bloodthirsty creatures that prey on humans. However, by establishing the concept of ‘good vampires’ and ‘bad vampires’, Mead alludes to the concept of good and evil. Indeed, the Moroi can be deemed a symbol for the ‘good’ people in the world, whilst the Strigoi are a symbol for all the ‘bad’ people that exist. There are further allusions to the biblical version of evil. In this vampire world, the Strigoi were created when Moroi willingly drained the blood of an innocent in order to gain immortality. Parallels can be drawn with the Eve’s Fall when she was tempted by the devil.  

Another concept the reader is made aware of throughout the entire novel, is the social barriers placed in this vampiric world. Mead quickly introduces us to the idea of vampires feeding off others. In most vampire novels, vampires tend to forcefully drink blood and drain their victims. However, Mead introduces a new concept whereby we are introduced to Rose, a Damphir, who is willing to give her blood up to a vampire. The feeding of Rose's blood is indicative of a society where Damphir's are ranked socially lower than the Moroi, especially Royal Moroi like Lissa. Indeed, Rose's willingness to aid Lissa in this way is reflective of her Slave Mentality and duty-bound nature, whereby she is devoted to the vampires.  

A further idea that is introduced in the novel is the idea of corruption. Victor is a Royal Moroi, one in a very esteemed position. He is ranked above many Royals and was even once suggested to become King. However, he has abused his position for his own means. By kidnapping Lissa and hunting her down for years, he has carefully masked his true colours. The fact that even Rose and Lissa are unaware of his dangerous nature is further reflective of how easily he conceals his true nature.

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