Vampire Academy Essay Questions

Essay Questions

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    Explain how death is presented in the novel.

    This is a key theme during the novel and is signified by Lissa’s parents death, the turning of Christian’s parents into Strigoi and Natalie’s death at the end of the book. Rose questions whether death is a bad thing because she feels as though she is saving the souls of the people who have turned into Strigoi by killing them. Rose is easy to accept death and understands that it is an inevitable process of life.

  2. 2

    Explain how Good vs Evil is presented in the novel.

    There is a struggle between these two ideologies and this is physically represented by the Strigoi and Moroi. The Moroi are considered to be good whereas the Strigoi are portrayed as evil. However, the true idea is brought into question when Victor, a Moroi, convinces his daughter Natalie to turn into Strigoi. It is clear that evil is so much more than being Strigoi – it is people’s actions towards others.

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    Explain how Duty is presented in the novel.

    There is a strong sense of duty towards the Moroi because the Damphir’s feel as though they have been sent to save the Moroi from the Strigoi. Having been taught that since an early age, that Strigoi are evil, it is surprising that Rose still hesitates when she sees Natalie in Strigoi form as she cannot believe that someone who used to be her friend could actually become something so evil.

  4. 4

    Explain how love is presented in the novel.

    Rose is confused about her feelings towards Dimitri throughout the whole novel. She assumes that it is just a crush and her affections are always limited by the fact that he is not only much older than she, but also he is her teacher and is therefore off limits. She struggles internally to cope with what she believes to be right and wrong. When Victor places the Lust Charm on both of them, Mead brings into question the idea that perhaps it is not love they feel for each other rather it is merely lust. However, this idea is quickly disregarded when both continue to feel strong emotions for each other even after the charm has worn off.

  5. 5

    Explain how madness is presented in the novel.

    Lissa is the physical manifestations of madness, a side effect of Spirit. Lissa’s depressive thoughts about her parents death as well as the fact that she cuts herself to ease the pain of their death is reflective of the fact that Spirit is driving her towards the brink of insanity. The fact that she witnesses the way that animals have been tortured and disembodied further pushes her mind towards insanity and breaks down any form of stability remaining in her mind.

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