Vampire Academy Imagery

Vampire Academy Imagery

Angelic vampire

The appearance of Lisa enchants, she is very beautiful and her beauty is well-described in this vampire novel. When she is hungry, “an expression crosses her face”. “Her fangs, which she normally keeps hidden while living among humans, contrasted oddly with the rest of her features”. “With her pretty face and pale blond hair, she looks more like an angel than a vampire”. She is a positive, friendly and beautiful heroine. Appearance descriptions are always important in the understanding of the character.

Vampire academy

The title hints itself that the novel is about vampires and their place of education. Academy is specially built for Dhampir (half-human, half-vampire) and Moroi (the peaceful, mortal vampires), who study there. The academy consists of “the secondary campus with lower and upper schools, which are decorated with stone paths and enormous, century-old trees”. There is also “Dhampir dormitories and the gym, which sits opposite, while Moroi dorms sit on one of the other ends”. This academy attracts readers with its mysteriousness and impression of grandeur.

Mystic atmosphere

The place of academy’s location is unusual and attractive in itself. Vampire academy is located on the favorable area. There is a lot of place around all these campuses, where Dhampir and Moroi train and just stroll. “The air feels cool in lungs and smells of pine and wet, decaying leaves”. “Overgrown forests” give to know about dangerous Strigoi (bloodthirsty and evil vampires) and “ring the perimeters of the Academy, and during the day, you can see mountains rising up in the distance”. It is a huge pleasure for Rose and Lisa to study and live in such a tremendously attractive and majestic place.

Rose's room

When Rose returns after the escape to the academy, she is disappointed to be there again. But after some time she realizes her main mission and the pleasure to live there. She adores her room, because she lives alone. The room is very cozy, agreeable, “small and plain, with a twin bed and a desk with a computer”. And there are a lot of “pictures from the football game in Portland and another from the vacation with her family, a year before the accident”. She always spends time with Lisa and thinks over her life in this amazing and comfortable place. She finally feels herself at home, and this is much of credit to this room, as its atmosphere creates a feeling of safety.

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